Filmmaker: "Brain Heart Lungs" 2015; "AbRuPtiOns", 2014; "XircaNoX", 2014, 2013; "Lure of Utopia", 2012; "Watergazing", 2011; "HA'Aki", 2008 (National Film Board of Canada); "LoonDreaming", 2002 (National Film Board of Canada); "Teknicly Inkorect", 1996; "Leaving the Poisons Behind", 1991; Wake Up/Wake Up", 1990; "Bon Vivant", 1985; "My Quills Click When I Walk", 1983; "I've Got A Little Brother", 1982.

Playwright:"4Bags2Stones", 1992, Broomstick Productions, Theatre Centre. Composer and co-playwright: "DIEF!" 1999-2000, workshop; "Projections", 1987, Group of Several, Nathan Cohen Studio, "Cab Array", 1986, Group of Several, DuMaurier Theatre.

Visual Art Exhibitions: Guest artist: Gallery de Boer, Owen Sound, 2016: Owen Sound Artists' Co-op, Owen Sound, 2016;
Solo Shows: "Cirque" The Wall, Walkerton, 2015; "Food is Innocent" Saugeen Showcase, Brockton, 2013; "The BLOBB Series" Chicory Common, 2009; "Mitochondrial Eve" interactive installation, Union Art Gallery 2004, Durham Art Gallery 2003; "Recent Work" Gallery 21, 2001 to present; "Leaving the Poisons Behind" - Part II, Scarborough Arts Centre, 1996;
Duo Shows: "Quilt Trip" Carnegie Gallery, Dundas, 2016; "Adaptability" Durham Art Gallery, 2014:
Group Shows 1997 to present: Owen Sound Artists' Co-op, Jest Arts Gallery, Bruce Peninsula Art Show, Flesherton Art Gallery, Durham Art Gallery, Deleon White Gallery, Tom Thomson Memorial Art Gallery, Sculpture Society of Canada Gallery, Burlington Art Centre, Modern Fuel Gallery, Art Gallery of Mississauga, Partisan Gallery, Circle Arts Gallery, Burdette Gallery, EKKT and OPSEU. Representation by Gallery de Boer, Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, National Film Board.

Music composition: "Rocksbreath" Japan Foundation, sculpture installation by Susan Low-Beer, 2009; "Do Something", film by Tony Arnold, 1999; "Nurses Care - I'll Be Your Nurse Today", National Film Board, director Tanya Tree; "The Swan", film by E. Lewis, 1992; "Where the Heart Is", TVOntario, 1991; "Nova Scotia Brothers", CBC Radio, 1982; "Everybody's Children", TVOntario, 1982.

Theatre Performer: Artist/witness: "Mother's Day", Invisible Woman Street Theatre, 1997; voice-over narration for "Oh, Dad!" film by Jonathan Amitay, 1987; "Ten Lost Years" and other plays, Toronto Workshop Productions, 1973-84; "Nurscapades", RNAO, 1985; "Heaven Will Protect The Working Girl", Pears' Cabaret, 1979.

Illustration: Editorial: Globe and Mail, Starweek, NFB, Southam, Enroute magazine and others, 1990 to date. Children's: Academic Press, 1985, Annick Press, 1986. Broadcast animatics: TVOntario, 1987 to 1996.

Animator: "Earthboy", Animation Group, 1997; "History of Women", Skyworks/TVO, 1992; "It Starts With A Whisper", Bay of Quinte Productions, 1991; Sesame Street, Electrosol, UPS, Northern Telecom, CD-ROM publishers, software developers, and others, 1990 to date.

Audio art: "No Mo Po Mo", and "Umbilicus", CIUT Radio, 1996.

Affiliations: Toronto Animated Image Society, Visual Arts Ontario, Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre, SOCAN.

Misc.: recipient of various awards, grants and commissions; various lectures and public speeches; print and broadcast interviews; articles and reviews; member of various juries and panels, Canadian Who's Who.

copyright (c) 2008-16 I.Pääbo